About Me

I'm Kerensa and the founder of Nature's Treats.  I am a vegan with a passion for food, healthy eating and natural ingredients, which has taken me on a journey of culinary discovery since 2009.  I believe we can eat well and healthily without harming others.

Nature's Treats started back in 2016 as a market based raw cake business, I attended many events around Cornwall and on occasion in Devon too, with great feedback from my customers.  In 2019 I started the adventure of taking my business to the next level and opening a plant based shop with a business partner and The Eco Collective was born.  After 6 months and a change in circumstances I took the business forward on my own, I made many changes to the layout and products offered and changed the name to Nature's Treats, connecting the shop back to me with the earthy and exciting name that started my journey 4 years before.  I happily live in Porthtowan opening my shop to my wonderful customers who have supported me through the transition from market trader to shop, partnership to sole trader and a pandemic!  It's been quite an adventure so far and for the future I am hopeful for success in a peaceful world.

Thank you for visiting my website, I hope to see you in the shop soon.


Nature's Treats - For you - For the animals - For the environment.